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🔥 Top Ventas: Fiat Hitachi Sl 65 B

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Color N Drive for Fiat Automotive Touch Up Paint | 408/B - BLU Bohemien Met | Paint Scratch Repair, Exact Match Guarantee - Plus
  • COLOR N DRIVE IS THE PREFERRED TOUCH UP PAINT KIT OF CAR ENTHUSIASTS IN THE USA AND AROUND THE WORLD! Our finest new generation professional touch up formulations delivers stunning results without the need of costly body shop. It's really amazing how durable modern auto clear coat finishes are. Those nice looking can be abused and neglected and with our state of the art finishing pigments and chemicals they can be made to look just like new.
  • WHY TOUCH UP PAINT? Well, from the second you drive a brand new car off the dealer floor, the attacks begin. Contaminants flies off the ground to dance on the lower portion of your bumper, car door sills and body sides, while careless drivers terrorize your shiny exterior with heartless door smacks in parking lots. However, there is always better option to have a complete touch-up paint KIT to simply perform DIY paint finishing work to keep your car brand new.
  • WHERE IS MY PAINT CODE? Inside engine bay area by right side engine compartment. By front of strut tower. Radiator support (front middle). Inside rear compartment (back compartment panel, or under trunk floor mat).
  • COLOR N DRIVE NEW GENERATION TOUCH UP PROGRAM BENEFITS: Maximum Innovation. Worlds first 3 step DIY advanced touch up paint kit for stunning results on your car. Unique formulation of pigments, hardeners and ecological solvents. 100% OEM paint match up. Patented clear N correct solution works to remove excess paint and correct application failures. Workable on chips and scratches until primer coat on the surface.
  • COLOR N DRIVE FOR FIAT TOUCH UP PAINT PLUS PACK: Preferred touch up kit that stands for cost and quality; With More Paint and Solution, you can easily eliminate more than 100 stone marks. Package Contents: 50 ml Paint Tailored to Color Code of Your Car / 50 ml German Patented Cleaning Solution / 25 ml Carnauba based Wax and / 25 ml Paste
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Recambio para excavadora Fiat Hitachi - Recambio del mercado de accesorios - Portador - FD-71452657
  • El precio superior no incluye los derechos de importación del país de destino.
  • Los derechos de importación aplicados por la aduana serán pagados solo por el destinatario/comprador.
  • La pieza anterior ofrecida es un componente no original de posventa y es un reemplazo 100% para una pieza original.

✅ Opiniones de Hitachi

Cuando charlamos de Hitachi hablamos de una marca consolidada en el mercado ya hace varios años. Hitachi empezó en la industria de la tecnología hace mucho más de 9 años siendo una compañía conocida mundialmente. Si compras Fiat Hitachi Sl 65 B con esta marca puedes estar tranquilo.

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